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Hancock - Empress (Flanged Edge) Wok ( 13’翻边鍋 )
The wok is just about the most versatile cooking pan there is. It is used most for stir frying, but you can also use it for shallow frying, deep frying, steaming, making Chinese soups, and even smoking food with wood chips or tea leaves. You need the wok lid to do smoking, of course. The long single handle enables you to hold the wok steady with one hand while holding whatever you are stirring with in the other
13" (33cm) Commercial Quality Carbon Steel Round Base Flanged Edge Wok. Wooden Handle for Safer Handling. Alloy material

Store it in a dry, airy spot until you use it again.

Hancock Empress (Flanged Edge) Wok ( 13’翻边鍋 )

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