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mis - Cooking Salt ( 鹽 )
Most of Dri-Pak's salt comes from salt beds in Cheshire. Salt is extracted by pumping hot water down a borehole which dissolves the salt, producing a brine solution. This is then purified and transported via underground pipes to a processing plant, where the crystals are formed, extracted and dried. This results in a product of the highest purity. This salt is known as PDV (Pure Dried Vacuum) and can be used for anything from seasoning crisps and snacks, to cooking, to sprinkling on your chips from a salt shaker (table salt). During production, a tiny amount of anti-caking agent is added to alter the crystal shape so that they don't attract moisture; this does not affect the taste in any way.
Salt, Anti-Caking Agent: Sodium Hexacyanoferrate II

Store in a cool, dry place.

mis Cooking Salt ( 鹽 )

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