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JB - Custard Powder ( 蛋黃粉 )
With JB custard powder, you can either prepare creamy rich custard or set them into tempting puddings. Try a few simple recipes and toppings to come up with some exciting lip smacking desserts. No matter whether guests are there or you just want to have a small celebration at your home, custards are enjoyed by everyone, irrespective of their age.
Maize starch (non GMO), nature identical flavouring, annatto E160b*. Please note this product does not contain Tartrazine.

Store in a cool dry place, in sound and well closed bags. Keep away from direct sunlight and dourous materials. Recommended storage time: no longer than 2 years.

JB Custard Powder ( 蛋黃粉 )

3kg x 1 (14234)£5.99

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