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LZH - Dried Pak Choi (Choi Gon) ( 菜乾 )
Dried Bok Choy is also known as 'pak choi' and 'dehydrated cole'. Once dehydrated, the bok choy offer a unique, concentrated flavour that is quite earthy and slightly salty, that works very well in Oriental dishes and especially soups - very different to using fresh! All processes are done by scientific methods so that 60% of the original vitamins, sucrose and mineral contents are retained and the colour and flavour are fresh-like. Hygienic Packed, Nutritious and easy to prepare, ideal for soup making, refreshing and delicious in taste. Put dehydrated cole in water and boil as usual to make soup. Before cooking together with meat, put dehydrated cole in hot water till it fully absorbed, then pick it up and chop it into pieces.
Dehydrated Cole

Keep in a cool and dry place.

LZH Dried Pak Choi (Choi Gon) ( 菜乾 )

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