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Mae Ploy - Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce ( 泰點雞醬 )
Phoenix USA Long Grain Rice is ideal for boiled and fried rice to compliment Chinese cuisine. Perfectly complements both rich and delicate sauces. The consistency, taste, texture and versatility of American long grain rice is perfect for all types of classic Chinese cuisine. When cooked, the grains separate to give an attractive fluffy effect, making it a versatile ingredient for many savoury dishes and an essential in Chinese Cooking.
Phoenix select and polish only the finest grains of rice. This ensures that our rice is perfect for Chinese restaurants and great for the home. Double Water Polished for a consistent high quality with a brighter and whiter appearance than standard Long Gr

Store in a cool, dry place.

Mae Ploy Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce ( 泰點雞醬 )

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