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Maximum 5 cases

Manora - Thai Shrimp Crackers ( 泰國蝦片 )
Made from high quality fresh shrimp. No artificial colouring added. These shrimp chips are an ideal snack for adults and children. For a better taste have these prawn crackers with chilli or tomato sauce. These prawn crackers are made from shrimp caught in the pacific ocean. Cooking Instructions: Add a small quantity of crackers to hot vegetable oil (about 220C). Fry until they are fully puffed up, this takes seconds. Drain and serve.
Ingredients: Tapioca 81%, Fresh Shrimp 9%, Garlic 5%, Pepper 1.5%, Salt 2.5%, Monosodium Glutamate 1%

Manora Thai Shrimp Crackers ( 泰國蝦片 )

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