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mis - Caustic Soda ( 哥士迪粉 )
For so many years Caustic Soda or its real name Sodium Hydroxide has been known as one of the strongest household cleaners available. Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) commonly known as caustic soda, is supplied as white micro-pearl granules. It is deliquesent and rapidly dissolves in water and forms concentrated solutions of sodium hydroxide also known as caustic liquor or lye. Concentrated solutions in water are clear in colour. NaOH is a strong alkaline substance that dissociates completely in water to sodium and hydroxyl ions. It quickly absorbs carbon dioxide and water from the air. When near moisture, sodium hydroxide can burn or eat away at animal and vegetable tissue and some metal (corrosive). Sodium hydroxide mixes easily with water, alcohol and glycerol. It generates heat while dissolving being an exothermic reaction. Ideal for: Unblocking drains, Clearing sinks, Breaking down and dissolving fat.
Contains sodium hydroxide. WARNING; Corrosive.

Ambient. Keep out of reach of children. Always read label.

mis Caustic Soda ( 哥士迪粉 )

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