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Tate & Lyle - Golden Syrup ( TL糖漿 )
Tate and Lyle's Golden Syrup is found in every good kitchen cupboard. Golden by name, golden by nature, it features the same authentic, unmistakable taste loved by generations - and the same deeply comforting richness - practically unchanged since 1883. Brings a golden touch to everything from biscuits and puddings to savoury snacks and marinades.
Made from pure cane sugar. Free from gluten, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives . Partially Inverted Refiners Syrup.

In a dry environment, preferably <65% relative humidity. Cool conditions, preferably between 10‐20ºC. Rapid temperature variations in excess of 5°Cin any 24‐hour period should be avoided.Do not store close to strong smelling materials e.g. flavours, spices, perfumes or cleaning materials, as sugar will easily absorb odours. Shelf Life: 18 Months

Tate & Lyle Golden Syrup ( TL糖漿 )

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