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TYM - Prev.Veg (Char Choi-whole) ( 榨菜個 )
Szechuan Preserved Vegetable Also known as Szechuan preserved mustard stem or Szechuan preserved radish, this is one of the most popular of large variety of pickled and preserved cabbages in China, a specialty of pickled in salt with hot chilies and garlic. It is then fermented in large pottery tubs and the result is a strikingly piquant pickled vegetable, it is used to give a pleasantly crunchy texture and spicy, strong taste to stir fried , braised, and to soup. It is also used in stuffing or may be thinly sliced and served as a cold appetizer. Preserved vegetable (char-choy). Ready to eat. Ideal as side dish or served with noodle
Chinese radish, Chilli powder, Salt, Spices

Keep away from direct sunlight and store in a cool dry place. Keep refrigerated after opening.

TYM Prev.Veg (Char Choi-whole) ( 榨菜個 )

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