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Specialists in Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese & Malaysian foods

About Us

InstantWok is a B2B marketplace, specifically for Oriental foods across the globe. InstantWok is a part of the Flying Trade Group, which is a global business group with significant operations across several key UK Sectors, including the food, hotel, leisure and construction industries.

Currently distributing over 1,500 core oriental product lines across the United Kingdom the aim at InstantWok portal will be to make a strong presence as food Specialists in Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese & Malaysian foods. InstantWok offers excellent e-commerce solutions to distributors, helping them to establish a robust business relationship on the B2B marketplace. All Oriental food distributors, both big and small are encouraged by InstantWok to create long-term associations, in the process enabling them to secure a good market for their products around the world.

Alongside the InstantWok B2B portal the Flying Trade Group has ambitions to become a brand portfolio which is recognized and respected the world over.